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About Infinity Taxidermy 

Wyoming native who found her way back to this beautiful state in 2013. Soon after moving back, I met my husband who introduced me into hunting. After my first season I was immediately hooked. I attended taxidermy school in the summer of 2016 and then opened Infinity Taxidermy that Fall. Being able to combine my love of art, the outdoors, and hunting into a full-blown career has been nothing but a dream come true. Interacting with my clients, sharing stories, and creating beautiful mounts for people who share the same passions I do is amazing! Weather it’s your first hunt or hundredth stop on in to see me. I believe every piece can be made into a showstopper. Specializing in north American mammals, African Game, Both shoulder mount and life size, European mounts and rugs. Each and every piece is customized and suited to fit your style and needs. 

Our Services

Check out our best Services

Shoulder Mounts

One of the most popular ways to display your trophy. Our custom shoulder mounts are created with our customer in mind. Each one as unique as you. Custom wall habitats are also available and make a great addition to any piece.

European Mounts and Horn Plaques

Skull cleaning available for most species.

Life Size

If you would like to really show off that beautiful trophy of yours life size is definitely the way to go. Available for North American and African species.


Rugging and tanning services available.  Pricing is based off of size and species. 

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